BTTV not working

I’m running the most recent versions of Firefox and BTTV (As of 4/12/15) and I’ve tried all the tricks that were posted on the other forum posts about trying to fix it. I cleared my cache, I flushed my dns, I uninstalled and reinstalled bttv, I tried just about every trick I could imagine. My only other addons are adblock plus, dark twitter, greasemonkey, and no youtube comments. I simply cannot fathom why better twitch won’t work and it’s rather annoying. The biggest reason I download better twitch is to darken the screen (bright white screen hurts my eyes) and now I can’t use that feature. Does anyone have any suggestions?

My first idea reinstall firefox or use chrome. ;x

I tried chrome before and wasn’t a fan, I prefer firefox. And yea I did try reinstalling. Nothing seems to be working.

If you are still having troubles, check that your antivirus software, firewall software, or other browser extensions are not preventing BetterTTV from loading.

Checked those as well. disabled all of them at once and still could not use BTTV.

Hi, I’m having the same issues since early this morning. BTTV simply doesn’t register at all on Twitch with all options removed. I’ve removed and re-installed the add on, cleared my cache and cookies and as far as I can tell my BitDefender is not causing the issue. I’m using Chrome mainly but the issue persists on Firefox also.

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Same here I have the same issue but a different post that I made but I use Chrome

I use the free version of Bitdefender and disabling it allows BetterTTV to load. So for me it is definitely my anti-virus. Unfortunately, the free version of Bitdefender does not allow you to add exclusions :frowning:

My mistake, disabled BitDefender’s virus shield and BTTV loaded right up. Definitely seems to be the issue

I disabled my anti virus and nothing happened

Seems to be working again, BitDefender enabled and all. Perhaps just a minor glitch of some kind?


Strange, stopped working again.

It wasn’t working for me earlier. I disabled Bitdefender and refreshed and BTTV worked. I enabled Bitdefender again and it’s still working :laughing:

Please refer to BetterTTV Debugging if you are still having issues loading BetterTTV.

Tried everything on there and then reset firefox just to double check if that might work. Still not working at all. How do I check the Javascript console???

@night Tried everything on the BTTV debugging page and then reset firefox just to double check if
that might work. Still not working at all. How do I check the
Javascript console???

BTTV isn’t working for me either. I’m using the latest version of firefox (37.0.1). So far I have:

  • Cleared all cookies & cache
  • Disabled all other firefox add-ons
  • Temporarily disabled windows firewall; I don’t use any others
  • Reinstalled BTTV
  • Browsed through the Javascript console, but I don’t know what I’m looking for.

I found an “Object” in the Logging category of the console that references my BTTV installation location, but I can’t make any sense of it. Note that it only appears in the console on the first load of Twitch after clearing my cache. If there’s anything else in the console that’s important, let me know and I can take another screenshot.

The only other solution that I know of would be to reinstall Firefox, but I would like to avoid that if possible.

I cannot see any reason why Firefox would be having issues with the add-on itself suddenly. It is possible your Firefox profile became corrupted. I suggest resetting Firefox to see if that helps.

I reset Firefox, and installed BTTV without changing any settings or installing any other extensions; still not working. The add-ons page in Firefox shows it installed correctly, but there’s no sign of it on Twitch.

Is the XPI file in Firefox\Profiles\my profile.default\extensions supposed to be 24KB? It seems small compared to other add-ons but what do I know.

BTTV had been working for months before it stopped a few weeks ago when the BunnyEars came out. I can’t recall doing anything that could have broken it at the time, though.

I’ve already stated that I’ve tried resetting firefox twice. I’ve done quite literally everything that has been suggested in this thread and every other thread I could find. It’s simply not working.

I’m in a similar situation as Thorg. It was working for months, then one day it suddenly decided “Nah, I don’t feel like it.”