BTTV not working

A little over a year ago my bttv stopped working. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling multiple times. I disabled all other extensions, deleted and reinstalled and it still doesn’t work. I see bttv setting in twitch but emotes don’t show up in chat. I’ve tried resetting the setting to default and it still doesn’t work.

Hey @blub!

This might be due to another third party extension, to identify if it’s the case and which extension it can be, disable all your other extensions, refresh and see if the emotes come back, if the emotes come back, then BetterTTV is clashing with another extension, to find out which one it is, enable them back one by one while refreshing, and see which one(s) break BetterTTV, then you’ll be able to figure out a fix, it could be turning off that extension for Twitch, updating a setting from that extension, or simply getting rid of it.

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