BTTV not loading in popout chat only

Hi, I’m having an issue where BTTV doesn’t load only in pop out chat on Firefox. If I view the embedded chat on twitches page it works fine as you can see here . But when I pop out the chat it no longer works as you can see here . As you can see, the entire BTTV section of the chat options disappears when I pop out the chat.[I’m currently using Firefox 52.0 , And I’ve cleared my cookies and cache to no avail. I’ve also tried disabling my addons but that didn’t help either. Anyone got an idea about how to go about fixing it?

I can confirm that this is a problem. Happens for popout chat with Firefox 52.

This issue will most likely be fixed in the BetterTTV v7 release, which will be in beta soon.

BetterTTV bugs should only be reported to GitHub, not these forums. There’s an open issue for this at

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