Bttv is no longer showing timeouts and bans in the chat

This has not been working since the middle of january. (console output posted earlier was just because i wasn’t logged in)

BetterTTV never showed bans from a chat, but it can show deleted messages following a message deletion or a user timeout/ban, I assume this is what you’re talking about.

Make sure that in your BetterTTV settings you have it setup like this:

Bttv has always shown bans since like 2016, just because it’s not in the settings doesn’t mean it’s not a feature kinda like how bttv prevents the chat from being cleared but there’s no setting for it.

Rectification of my last message: it did show a notification about banned users from September 24, 2016 until (at max) May 3, 2017, in order to revert back a decision from Twitch to remove such notifications for non-mod users.
Ever since then, the only thing regular users are able to see are the deleted messages.

You’re probably confusing chats where you’re a moderator and chats where you’re not.

Hmm, im gonna ask ffz devs about it then because i’ve been seeing timeouts and bans in chat’s that im not been a mod in since 2016 until the start of 2023.

It seems like it indeed was a ffz feature that has been broken for a while. thanks for the help :grin:

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Thanks for letting us know!

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