BTTV GIF emote rejected

Hey there!

I was trying to make a silly GIF emote as per a request from my chat however it was rejected for not having a transparent background. The GIF itself is made to be non-transparent though.

Now, I understand this rule for standard image emotes however it seems a tad arbitrary when it comes to GIF emotes especially when you consider some of the most popular emotes aren’t transparent e.g. SourPls

As a comparison:

Here’s an approved popular emote:

Here’s my rejected emote:

They are both close up face emotes that require the full square to be used. Help me understand what I can do to make this acceptable whilst still keeping the full effect of the emote

Thank you for your time and understanding!


SourPls is a legacy emote that was added years before we ever had an emote upload system. It exists in a grandfathered state as a result.

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