BTTV Emotes still pending

its been about a week and a half since i uploaded them and my emotes are still pending review.

Same here its almost a week now im trying to find out what is taking so long i read its 0 to 5 days. Can we get a response i have viewers waiting on them :frowning:

Emotes take anywhere from 0-5 business days typically, but can take longer depending on the queue size. The queue is longer than normal, so it’s a bit behind. Thanks for your patience.

So how Long does it take?

Im waiting 7-8 days and still nothing. How long i have to wait?

Im still waiting its been almost 10 days can we get some confirmations or a time frame please it would be wonderful. Especially to let my viewers know :confused: they keep tryign them but no success come on. Not trying to be pushy but some sort of update

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Sorry for the delayed response. We launched a new website last night which should improve the speed at which emotes are uploaded and approved.

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