BTTV Emotes Not Showing

I’ve read the previous thread about someone else not being able to see their BTTV emotes in the chat field and I did what the dev said to do in the comment of that thread but it didn’t work. I removed the extension and reinstalled it but it still doesn’t show the emotes that I got. It shows sometimes if I type out the name of the emotes but thats a bit inconvenient.

If you mean the emote menu, you need to explicitly enable the “emote menu” in the BetterTTV settings.

I have the emote menu, the problem is I don’t see the shared emotes that I enabled for my channel. The only way I can see them is to type the emotes out. Also I have gif emotes enabled but still nothing.

If you’re still having issues, make sure you’re using BetterTTV’s emote menu and not Twitch’s. BetterTTV’s emote menu is the one to the left of the settings cog in chat.

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