BTTV emotes not showing on chat for Edge

I installed the BTTV script for Edge some time ago and it always worked fine, until around 3-4 days ago it started working strange. Basically it is working normally, except it isn’t showing the emotes on the chat (when someone types LUL, it doesn’t come out as an emote, but as letters) and the emote menu rarely appears, but even when the menu does appear, the emotes still don’t work. Also, I can only change the BTTV settings when the emote menu is there, otherwise I can only change standard Twitch and FFZ settings. I’ve tried reinstalling the script and deactivating FFZ but nothing seems to work. Does anybody have a similar problem and if so what should I do?

Note: BTTV is working normally on my Firefox

BetterTTV doesn’t have an official application on Edge. Any port we aren’t responsible for.

And why is not an official app already? The Userscript is generally working so it should not be that hard to do an official port for Microsoft Edge. Altough for couple days it has not been working properly but two weeks ago everything worked just fine. Since then, Twitch seems to have changed some things on the website or there has been update to Edge itself.

It’s broken because we removed a polyfill that broke Twitch for many users. Since Edge does not support all of the new JavaScript features we use, it doesn’t work any longer. The latest version of all supported browsers do, however. We’ll explore fixing this when we get some time, but Edge is not a priority since they still have a closed extension store.

I had the same issue but today its working normal. All the channel gifs and emotes are showing.:grinning:

I just checked my Twitch, the problem is gone and everything seems to be normal again. It probably has something to do with the version update night mentioned, they must’ve reverted the changes to keep it functional. Either way, thank you all for the help so far. And I’m also looking forward to the day BTTV reaches the store, it’ll make things a lot easier for everyone (hopefully).

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