BTTV Emotes Not Showing in VODs

I’ve been watching through the SGDQ VODs of the runs I missed. Last night, I refreshed the page and, after a while, realized that BTTV emotes weren’t working. The sea of SourPls was just text.

So far, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled BTTV and have disabled all adblockers; still nothing. I’ve loaded up multiple live channels and tested the emotes and they all work, no problem. But they do not load in VODs as of last night (for me, that is).

I’m aware that this has been a problem previously and that it may haves something to do with updates to the chat/VOD syncing system having possibly been updated, but that may not be the case this time.

Sorry for the delay in response. If you are still experiencing this issue I would recommend posting a bug report with steps to reproduce this on our GitHub (and browser, operating system, video link, etc):

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