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BTTV Emotes gone AGAIN from Twitch Creator Dashboard Chat

These had been working for me up to around July 27, 2020. Now BTTV emotes are nowhere to be seen on the Twitch Creator Dashboard, again!

Any idea how I can get those back into my Creator Dashboard chat window?

Only use Chrome browser. Went to Dark Mode the day before every setting for BTTV disappeared. So frustrating :frowning_face:

Yeah I’m having the exact same issue.

Last night, for a work around, i pressed Mod Mode in my normal Twitch stream’s chat, and then popped out that chat, and closed the stream window i launched it from, instead of using the Creator Dashboard’s chat window. That way at least i have BTTV emotes back.

But would like to see this fixed with the Creator Dashboard for BTTV!

The latest version of BetterTTV, 7.2.85, fixed this behavior.

For some, this problem still persists unfortunately … Having more access to streamer emotes, it’s complicated to use the extension: /

yeh my menu is gone from twitch. can select emotes still but can view when others use in chat.

We do not use these forums for bug tracking. Open a bug report with steps to reproduce the issue over at