BTTV emotes and emote related stuff don't work

The BTTV emotes dont work, neither does the option where you could see an emotes origin by hovering it. Ive tried everything, No, I dont use ablock, yes, Ive deleted and reinstalled everything and yes, all the other features are working just fine and I can turn them on and off to my hearts content since bttv is loading very realiably once I start twitch.
Anyone having the same problems?

You are not alone, saw multiple people experiencing the same.
Seems like it’s only a problem with the emotes, the rest seems to work fine.

Edit: Seem to be working again as of 9:00 PM CEST

same here, only the bttv emotes not showing up in the chat and list, using the bttv script

edit: seems fixed now

There was due to an issue with our European CDN edge. There was a spike in traffic that caused some software to soft-lock, requiring manual intervention.

Mine work now… lets see for how long ^^’

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