BTTV double spacing

I have been looking all over this forum and the rest of the internet and cannot find the answer to this. Apologies if it has been answered. (Only other instance on the entire internet I can find is here and has no answer)
At the beginning of September (coinciding with the release of 7.2.86) all the sudden my chat is double spacing. I cannot find an option to turn it off. I know I’m not the only person who is having this issue. a couple other broadcasters are saying the same, but they’re just saying “eh, whatever”. I have old man eyes, so have to run my font large, so it literally makes me miss so much chat, cause it moves too fast with 50% of my chat window real estate being blank lines.

Hey @50percentgaming!

I never heard of such issue, although I don’t think it’s because of BTTV, maybe it is and I’m wrong, could be because on Twitch’s side. Hopefully @night will be able to answer more accurately, that being said it’s not an issue that has been reported before.

Have you tried disabling the BTTV extension to see if it fixes the problem? If it does then I would suggest reinstalling BTTV.

As of 7.2.86 we fixed an issue with custom font size so that we respect line height percentage. The font size now scales proportionate to line height.