BTTV could not be verified for use in Firefox

Some time ago, my Firefox browser disabled the BTTV add-on automatically, and I had to go through the process of overriding the add-on signing to allow it to be enabled again. I assumed that this would be resolved shortly. However, it is still in this state after quite some time, even after updates to the add-on. I have tried removing the add-on and re-installing to ensure I have the latest version, but it still shows the add-on as unsigned. Can you please advise if you will be updating this?

Remove that add-on and install the latest version at

Thank you for your reply.
I have done that, even just before posting here. I still have the same issue when it is installed to the browser :frowning:

Our extension is properly signed, so I’m not sure why a fresh download wouldn’t work for you. In that case it sounds like you have a corrupted Firefox installation or profile.

Try completely uninstalling Firefox and reinstalling it.

If reinstalling doesn’t work, try resetting your Firefox profile too (please note that resetting your profile removes your cookies/cache/bookmarks/saved passwords/autofill/history/etc):

Completely close Firefox, navigate to your Firefox profile, and then delete it. After deleting it, you should be able to open Firefox and download BetterTTV (and other extensions) now.

I re-installed Firefox, then re-installed the add-on again, and it appears to all be working as it should be now! Many thanks for your help :grin:

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