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BTTV API, get ID by user name

Hello!, is there a way to find x channel emotes by name instead of user id? Like for example, but instead of 121059319, moonmoon or something.
I though this used to work on the v2? Im really new to this, and for what i have found, it used to be that way, but now the v2 throws a Error 1020.

Hey @tw1zter!

I don’t know if you’re just trying to get the emotes list, or if you’re building a product with the API, but there’s an API that can get you the list:
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Thanks for answering, sadly i need the emote list + each individual ID and the channel it comes from from the BBTV API, so i can download the emotes and use them in a game with twitch integration im making. I learned recently that i can get the ID from each channel with the Twitch API, but i was hoping for a faster and easier way that doesnt requires refreshing the twitch token each time it expires.

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