Bot taking away roles

So I have nightbot set up to sync my admins from twitch to discord, i have 2 admins for both things. One of my admins, it keeps taking all of their roles away from them. I dont know why, and I want to figure it out.

Hey @tefrawinter!

Does the person in question have their Twitch account linked to Discord? And are they moderator on the Twitch channel? If you answer no to either of these questions, you know what needs to be fixed for it to work.


Yes it is. They said they checked and its linked.

There’s no other reason that it would work for one and not for the other though. You can check it yourself if they properly linked their Twitch account to their Discord by right-clicking on their name → Profile, and under User Info you should find the Twitch account that you made mod on your channel. If you can’t see it, that means Nightbot can’t either.

Also, I don’t think that’s the issue here, but Nightbot needs to “see” them to give them the role, that means they should send at least one message in a channel Nightbot can read for the roles to sync 15 minutes later (max), if they’re active in the server it shouldn’t be an issue.

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