BOT dont work on YouTube

Hello.Night bot dont work on my youtube stream. I added night bot to the moderator list , and pressed JOIN but night bot dont want work in chat…i have many commands , but dont dont use them…and spam filtr dont work too…help please fix it
i was on stream 5 hours…but its not work…and im tried to reload?but its not helped

What is your YouTube channel ID (so that we can look into this for you)?

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Same here some issues on my Youtube channel. - this is my youtube

Nightbot was not joined to your channel in the control panel. I have joined it for you and it looks to be operating fine.

Edit: It seems to be autoleaving because it does not have moderator permission. You should grant it mod so that it does not.

Hello team. Night bot on my you tube channel ( stream ) stop working. I have this kind of issue before, but i just reconnected and it’s start work again. I set up timers it’s doesn’t work. I have too channel and same problem on my both streams. This is the channel url ( ). It was worked before just fine util yesterday 3/08/2017. Can you check please?

There are definitely no known issue with Nightbot for YouTube at this time. If you’re having issues it’s most likely a configuration issue on your behalf.

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