Blurry Emotes after submission

I submitted multiple emotes yesterday that got approved, the problem is that the when they are uploaded the original preview is scaled down and crisp, then the submitted emote scales down and turns out blurry, I’m surprised it got approved as it is unreadable.

This link shows the difference.

If you are on a high DPI monitor it might appear as though the quality is reduced upon upload since we do downscale images. On BetterTTV itself we use higher resolution images depending on your device pixel ratio if you’re on a high DPI monitor. In other words, when you upload we display to you the 28x28 size, but the 56x56 and 112x112 sizes are used in place of the 28x28 if your monitor supports it in our extension.

I have removed them and about to resubmit them, it was weird everyone that say them in chat commented on how blurry they were and couldn’t read the text, the last one I have submitted looks good in chat. I’ll see how they go.

It’s definitely weird, the emotes look sharp and crisp on my Suface Tablet, on my 2K or 1080p monitors the emotes are eligible. I just dont understand how they are perfect on the preview submission page but when they upload and you view them they look like crap.

The preview submission page gives you a browser downscale of the full resolution image. This will always look more crisp. We resize and save the image upon upload.

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