Blocking certain languages

I know this has been posted before, but I’m kind of having a hardt time getting it to work properly. I’m using Nightbot in a youtube live chat, and I want to block certain languages.
I’ve added the following lines to the Blacklist word/phrases

But it does not seem to work.
Am I missing something?

Try this.

Hello :smiley: THank you :smiley: it’s working but pretty aggressively it takes everything. HAHAHHA

Hey @Shady!

I assume you looked at this post?

I didn’t get a reply from the person who was asking for it at the time so I didn’t know if it actually worked.

Have you made sure to set every RegExp on a separate line?

If yes and it’s not working, may I suggest replacing the x with a u, so like this:


It may be the mistake I’ve done at the time…

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