Block non-sub links, Allow sub-links

Good morning,

I am trying to configure nightbot to work the best it can in my discord, and I am running into some issue with posting links.

In discord, when a user attempts to post a GIF to the discord chat, nightbot blocks the link and thereby blocks the GIF. I do not want to allow everyone to post links, because I’ve been getting a regular amount of people coming into my stream trying to sell me followers using links in my chat. Nightbot blocks these and I want it to continue to do so.

So this morning, I enabled link posting for subscribers using the exemption for subscribers, and my subs are still unable to post links or GIFs specifically in my discord. I haven’t experimented with it in twitch chat yet, although I suspect the results will be the same.

When I made the change, I also made an adjustment to the nightbot response when it blocks the link, so I could check if the changes had been synced. The new text is visible in the discord, so I know it’s updated, but the GIF links are still being blocked for someone that I know has subbed to the channel. Has anyone had this issue? Are there any workarounds? I like users being able to post GIF responses in my discord, so I want to fix this issue. Thanks.

Hey @kollossol!

Nightbot isn’t a Discord bot, so it has some features that work differently than what you’d expect.
It doesn’t see your subscribers on Discord, as these are taken care of by a Discord integration.
If you want to push your moderation further, I’d recommend using a Discord bot made for it.

Then experiment it in your Twitch chat before saying something like this. I guarantee you it works as expected there.

Yes, Spam Protection → Links (Options) → Whitelist the GIF’s base URL.

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