Block Non-Sub Link, Allow Subs and above to post links

Good evening.

Is there a way to block non-sub hyperlinks, but allow subs and above to paste links in Twitch chat?

I’ve run a few tests, but so far I can get Nightbot to flag non-sub links when I have the Exempt Userlevel as Subscriber, but not delete the non-sub links.

Any suggestions?

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if nightbot is flagging a message but not removing it then that means he doesn’t have the proper permissions to actually remove the message. Have you given him moderator permissions?

The steps you described are how you disallow links for non-subs, what channel is this happening on?

Channel -

Nightbot has mod permissions, but doesn’t delete the links automatically when I set it to Subs and above. If I set it to Everyone, Nightbot deletes the links. I guess I must be missing something?

I will take a look into it to see if i can reproduce the issue. Your settings seem correct.

Edit: Setting it to everyone should actually stop nightbot from blocking links, that’s odd

Edit2: I was sitting in the stream since it was live and a non-sub did get timed out, it seems to be working fine?

Yes! I did see that it was blocked. I guess Nightbot took a bit to adjust to the change. Katerino will be streaming tomorrow so I’ll update you/this post when I run a few tests with random viewers / subs.

Thank you for the help. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t able to be part of the stream today/tonight, so I’ll check out the vod tomorrow afternoon and see if the links were being blocked properly.

Gosh darnit. Nightbot didn’t even flag a non-Subs link that was pasted in chat.

6:05 - teereelrize:

It just happened a few minutes ago.

If you have YouTube song requests enabled Nightbot will not timeout youtube links. You should disable song requests when not in use.

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