Blacklisted terms

Okay, so I have to be blind, but i can’t find a place where i can UN-blacklist certain words. I wasn’t paying attention and when i was adding my name to the highlighted terms, i accidentally put it in the blacklist section. This becomes problematic when i cant see when people type my name. I was running through my rotation of “packer” “packerfan” and “packerfan504”, but i put the last one in the blacklist section by mistake.

I looked on the BTTV settings page and I couldn’t find it. I tried the Community chat, but it was refusing to let me connect to it, so i came here. If someone could tell me how to clear my black-listed terms that would be great.


you don’t have this?
located in the gear on the twitch chat.

I do, but i want to Un-blacklist the words. I want to be able to see when people type in my name again.

remove the words you added to the list?

yes that is what i would like to do.

I am so confused… if you want to remove words that are blacklisted you go into the blacklist options and remove them.

I know. I can’t find the blacklist options in the Gear or in the Settings page for BTTV.

Click the ‘Set Blacklist Keywords’.
Select the word you want removed, or all the text.
Remove the selection by pressing the backspace/delete key.
Click ‘OK’.

clear your cache if Teak method doesn’t work.

Thank you, that did it

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