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Black screen of death

Hello, i use the lastest chromecast v3 1080p 60fps withthe lastest virmware
today i get a black screen no matter if i clear my browser caches or reboot the chromecast
yesterday it was working fine, any fix possible ? thanks

Same problem here. Something changed on the Chromecast recently that is preventing any sort of URL streaming.

Same problem… :thinking:

It looks like the Chromecast HLS parser was failing to parse Twitch’s HLS video files. I’ve hack-fixed around the Chromecast bug and it seems to work now.

Thank you, i confirme it works

Thank you for the hard work i hope this tool is here to stay
this is literally the only app that will work with 1080p 60fps with no lag,drop frames or reconnects
it’s a shame lol iphone,android,computer,vlc,soda,castbuddy all fail while this work

@night, can you share what changed on the Twitch side? Was it the m3u8 file or the HLS stream itself?

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