BetterTTV Settings Not Saving Between Sessions

My BetterTTV settings (selected in the gear icon in the Twitch website’s chat box) are not saving between browser sessions. I have the browser set to save cookies from both the Twitch and the betterttv sites so it should be able to save any cookies from both those sites but if there’s a different site it needs to save from between sessions, I don’t know what URL to add.

BetterTTV stores any user preferences in the browsers localstorage. You’ll need to remove any setting that clears localstorage from your browser.

As I already stated, my browser clears the cache between sessions, except from the URLs I program it not to. I need to know what site to add to my allow list for an exception. This works fine for all other extensions.

Hey @xryanx555!

Where is localStorage stored?

In Google Chrome, web storage data is saved in an SQLite file in a subfolder in the user’s profile. The subfolder is located at \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage on Windows machines and ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Local Storage on macOS

Firefox saves storage objects in an SQLite file called webappsstore.sqlite , which is also located in the user’s profile folder.

This isn’t a matter of URL, but of folder. The localStorage aren’t cookies.
As Aaron told you, you need to ask your browser to stop clearing your localStorage upon closing.

It is not reasonable to ask all users to keep their browsers from clearing their cache between sessions, as this is a very common practice and a very sound security measure. I can add sites that are permitted to keep files as an exception to this setting if I know what to tell it to keep, although no one here seems to be able to tell me anything further on that. ALL of my other browser extensions keep their settings just fine with this setting in place. This is a flaw that needs to be addressed by the coding staff ASAP. I would appreciate it if that can be escalated to them.

For BetterTTV requests, NightDev asks that people use the GitHub repository to report issues directly.

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