BetterTTV private emotes with permission

Is there a way for an emote seller to upload emotes and then giving specific channels on twitch (bttv) the permission to use them if they buy the emote? or something similar to that?

i am a streamer, i want to buy an emote pack from etsy, buyer says no one can upload them to sites like bttv because then everyone can use it and no one buys them because of it.

how is there a way to still use the emotes but only in my channel (my viewers)? obviously on twitch but twitch only has that many slots and they arent enough - so, what to do? is your site capable of doing something like this?

Hey @Autperformance!

This isn’t an option as of now, but this is an interesting idea, maybe the devs will be interested in adding it. Feel free to open a discussion on GitHub, this is where anything related to BetterTTV has moved.

Yup, they’re right, emotes packs are difficult to add to BetterTTV, if the first person who uploads the pack decides to keep the pack private then only their channel has access to these emotes, and if they decide to share them, then everyone has access to the emotes.

I don’t understand that part of your message.

i will dot that, thank you.

yeah thats not good, they should only be used by the ones who bought them.

sorry maybe it is because english isnt my first language - i was trying to say/ask if bttv is capable of the thing i asked first (which you replied to with github site) so that part is answered. i was asking this because twitch doesnt have that many emote slots - hope you can understand what i meant now.

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No worries, English isn’t my first language either, I get what you meant now.

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