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BetterTTV overriding Twitch Emote Menu

well I have to stop using the BTTV emote menu. the fact that it now overrides the default Twitch emote menu is a back breaker. The new BTTV emote menu is much better then the old one, but I still want to use Twitch’s default menu also! I would prefer if the BTTV menu didn’t overwrite my Twitch emote menu, but remained separate. The order of the emote groups/channels in the new menu makes no sense. The current channel is not listed first if they don’t have any BTTV emotes set up. and after that, the order of the channels makes no sense. I am seeing channels that I have never used their emotes, ever! Had to turn off the BTTV emote menu until it is improved. RIP my use of BTTV emotes…


i really wish there was a way to have the emote menu as a separate button I love to have my favorites section of emotes that I love, the frequently used emotes are buggy and never track what i actually like to use just my last used one

As of 7.4.5 the legacy button is now used for the BetterTTV emote menu. Closing thread at this time.