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BetterTTV is not loading

I was using it fine for a long time. But right after I decided to clear cookies and site data in Twitch (I usually never delete this) the BTTV options disappeared and I can’t get them back. I tried deleting browser’s cache/cookies, I uninstalled/reinstalled BTTV, I did the ipconfig /flushdns, but none of them work. I’m using latest Firefox and BTTV.

Hiya, you most likely just reset your settings, this shouldnt remove ‘BTTV.
Have you tried clicking the cog-wheel underneath the chat box to see if the "BetterTTV settings’ link is there?

No it’s not there it’s normally in the avatar icon menu in the upper right but it doesn’t appear anymore.

I have the same issue, it started on 5/17. The settings option in Twitch’s avatar menu does not show up. I also tried uninstalling/reinstalling BTTV, clearing browser cache and cookies again, restarting my PC, checked to see if maybe BTTV had an update of some kind, turned the extension on and off again, refreshed the page with shift+F5 to force a full reload of the page…

When I searched online I see that plenty of people have had this issue over the years and there doesn’t seem to be any firm solution. One post from years ago seemed to say that Twitch made changes to their website and BTTV updates just hadn’t caught up to it yet. Could this be happening again?

I installed BTTV on Chrome and it also doesn’t work. I tried a backup Firefox profile from when it was working and it still didn’t work

Just because the settings menu button is not showing does not mean it isn’t working. You can also locate the settings from the chat settings cog below the chat input box. We hope to have a fix out later this week to fix this issue (as well as some others) resulting from some Twitch website changes.

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