BetterTTV Broken Again? Twitch Update?

My Twitch Dashboard has changed so that the chat window is now far below the video window. Also, I cannot make the chat popout anymore. Was there another update on Twitch today that broke BetterTTV?

it should be sorted now.

It is fixed. Thanks! The support on this stuff is impressively fast!

Another update, now the Popout chat doesn’t show up in the window on OBS. Is it just me?

twitch was having alot of issues all evening/night last night.

Yeah I saw the issues on Twitch but I’m still unable to get the Chat Popout Window to register on OBS for BTTV. Here’s a screenshot of my OBS window.

The red circle is around the section that is supposed to be recording my Popout chat but it isn’t. As you can see, the option there to switch windows shows two Google Chromes but not the actual popout window.

I’ve refreshed it and rebooted OBS. Nothing seems to fix it so far.

May i ask why you use that method for capturing OBS chat when we offer OBS Chat via CLR Browser within OBS.

if you are the stuck on using this method. I can’t recreate your issue. It works for me.

er I did not realize there were two different chat programs. Thanks! Does the OBS chat make it so there is no background behind the text?

there is technically 3 choices, transparent/clear background, a semi transparent black background and a semi transparent white background to pick from.

hm Welp installing OBS Chat just broke it to all hell. Now OBS captures my second monitor instead of my main monitor. The NightDev Follow shows some OBS window that isn’t even open on my screen.

Is it possible to just get the other way fixed? Without using OBS Chat?

you didn’t follow the steps…

go back and reread them. just make sure you have our CLR Browser installed and follow the url and css steps. you will be golden.