BetterTTV and Recommend Channels


i got a little issue.
I want to have BetterTTV on, ofc, but in the same time i want to see on the side under my Following Channels, the Recommend Channels.
Sometimes i find rly good Streams cause of it.
But if i activate BetterTTV it doesnt show up. If i close it, the recommend channels show up.
Its kinda weird and imo it doesnt make sense.

Is there a solution already for this?
Every help is appreciatet !!!

Hiya, there is a BTTV setting called “Hide Recommended Channels” which is enabled by default. If you disable it you should see the recommended channels again.

Well Tbh i dont find such things.
I can Turn on/off the whole Tool or if i want to use it in Icognito.
Ill send you an Screenshot. Its in German but still ez to read.
And in the “developer mode” nothing realy changes, only that i can detect errors.
I hope u can guide me !

Underneath your chat you’ll find a cog wheel, if you scroll down you’ll find “BetterTTV settings”.
Or click your username top right of the window, second last option should be “BetterTTV settings”.

OK, got it. Now it works.
Thank you very much !

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