Better pin this - !watchtime for twitch

I got sick and tired of seeing posts on here saying that Nightbot didn’t keep track of user watchtimes…ofc it doesn’t but TWITCH does and all one has to do is access the info. SO HERE’S THE SEQUENCE

$(user) has spent $(urlfetch ht tps:// $(touser) &channel=$(channel) &format=mwdhms) hours watching $(channel)…

(no space in the https, only put there to keep from being a link to no where)
Unfortunately I can only take credit for finding the format, the og poster is at this site (ht tps://

Hey @gearsparks!

This command doesn’t get you the watch time, but the following time, which isn’t the same thing, when people ask for a watch time command, they’re asking for how many hours a specific chatter has actively been watching the stream, meaning having the stream opened in their browser when it’s live.

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If that’s what they need then they need to be more specific since that’s not the impression I got as I was doing my search; but also even finding any info on this forum for following time isn’t available.

Yeah… it requires you to know the name of the command (typically followage or howlong), which isn’t the case for everyone, and it’s as an answer to a question, so that’s fair criticism:

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