Beta nightbot steal song / !songs save command

I just switched to the new beta nightbot, and I would like to add a command to save my viewers song requests. I made a command titled “!ss” and the command line was “$(alias !songs list stealsong)” which worked with the normal nightbot, but not with the new one, after looking at the autoDJ commands it says that you need to use !songs save command, but that doesn’t even work, so what can I do to save the current playing song to my channels playlist on beta nightbot?

There is a save button on the song request player. You can also use “!songs steal” in chat.

And to further make this into an alias, the command would be:

!commands add !ss -a=!songs steal

Thank you for that. How would I go about adding a shorted “songrequest” command? I tried with the same thing as the $(alias !songrequest) but not really working out for me.

Check the new docs site for how to make aliases now. $(alias) no longer works. As well as read up on the new commands.

!commands add !sr -a=!songrequest $(query) Seems to work, for now I guess. Thank you for the help bud.

Thank you as well :slight_smile:

It is not necessary to make an !sr command, since we already have that as a built in alias.

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