BETA NightBot is not taking Youtube requests API error

I am getting an error when trying to use auto dj on the night bot beta. first doing !songrequest and the song in chat nightbot is not responding with anything. However when i use the old nightbot it does. The beta nightbot was working last weekend not sure what happened. Also when i try and enter a URL directly into nightbot on the beta site it get YouTube API error. All other nightbot commands are working. I have tried adding and removing nightbot unmod and mod nightbot nothing seems to be working

same problem I faced today.

!songs request “search keyphrases”

did not work and returned me a YouTube API Error.

Sorry for the delayed response. This should be resolved now. The outage was caused by Nightbot burning through its API quota allowed by YouTube, meaning it was no longer able to access YouTube. The quota just reset at 3AM and you should be able to use this feature again. Changes have been made to prevent this from happening again.

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