[BETA} Current Song w/ Shopify

I wanted to say that your new beta version is looking great and am excited to be running it and testing it.

I’ve downloaded the alpha of the desktop app, and am integrating it with OBS. I do understand it’s an alpha, but wanted to know if the Spotify API allowed for you guys to offer song title integration for OBS. I noticed in it’s current form it does not, when going from a preloaded title to spotify and back to a preloaded title that the spotify song never populated on the OBS stream. If it’s simply not implemented as of yet, I completely understand and am in no way being impatient.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Shopify? Do you mean… Spotfiy?

If so, we did have a bug in the app where songs not on the channel playlist were not updating the text file. This should now be resolved. If you’re talking about scrobbling current song in Spotify to OBS (songs not automated with our song request feature), then that’s not a Nightbot feature and would require another tool to do that.

I’d suggest using a tool called Snaz for integration of Spotify playlist into OBS. Nightbot and Snaz are a great tag-team combo for streaming IMO event though they are two completely separate tools…

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