Beta: Bookmark current uptime through nightbot


I’ve been working with a streamer to help her save uptime information through nightbot. This is done by using a custom nightbot command and a $(customapi). Uptime information is retrieved through nightdev uptime.

The streamer types in the following command on chat:
!save comment here
and the information is sent and stored to a database

So far it’s been working well and the stored information can be retrieved by accessing a webpage. As originally anticipated the uptime matches the saved broadcasts on twitch making it easier to track clips which will be used for review / video editing

I’ve reworked the code to handle multiple users and thought I’d share it with the community. If you would like to use this project on your stream feel free to email me the twitch name you use to broadcast and I will add it to the list of users in the database. The project is in beta and with limited testing the functionality seems to be complete and intact.

The command you will need to add to nightbot is:
!addcom -ul=owner !save $(customapi$(query))

You will need to replace the user variable ken_on_twitch with your own twitch name (important that the name you email me is the same as the one you replace it with as this username is matched with the user database and also used to retrieve the uptime information from nightdev). If everything works nightbot should return the following:

ken_on_twitch - Moment has been saved into the database. Stream Time:
The channel is not live. Real Date: 2015-04-12 14:03:43 Comment: test5

Send me an email at: angkendrick [at] so I can manually add you to the user database and I will send you additional information on how to retrieve your saved information. Leave a comment here if you have any questions


Nice work man! Reminds me of my quick fix

I also know that Chatty has a feature in beta for recording times to a .txt. I am currently testing it and it’s amazing.

Once again, great tutorial and idea!


Thanks for the kind words Vaughn :slight_smile:

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