Background audio issue

When the stream is in the bottom right like pic

If i switch apps or go to the home screen it wont continue the audio of the stream. If its pulled up, either landscape or portrait, the audio continues just fine when in other apps. Is this a bug?

Hi @soappymop,
You are on a mobile device? It has more to do with your settings in twitch or on your phone than the browser extension BetterTTV.

Yeah, mobile. I toggled all the settings in both apps and in the phones settings and the battery saving in the phone settings. Didnt work, i feel like if it was phone settings, it’d it’d be both, not just one

BetterTTV isn’t on mobile, if you’re having issues with Twitch’s mobile app, report it to them, not here, we don’t do support for Twitch’s products, we don’t have an hand in the development of their products.


I googled “bbtv forums” and this was the first link

Whatever this app is, it’s not supported by NightDev—the product name is BetterTTV, not BTTV—therefore we’re unable to provide support for it.

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