Automod delet all nightbot's messages

Hello, my twitch automod is deleting all the nighbot’s messages but I verify and nighbot is moderator of my channel

Hey @sly_clemito!

Your issue is with Twitch’s AutoMod, you need to update its settings, we can’t do anything about it from Nightbot’s side.

We’re not Twitch support, however I suspect the flagged word in your message is “culinaires” as it says it’s a sexual word that triggered it, and “culinaires” is very loosely close to another word in French (I’m French, took me some time to think about what could be flagged here), therefore I suggest adding “culinaire” to your list of permitted words. If that’s not it, maybe the moderator view will tell you what triggered the filter, in which case add the word to your list of permitted word.

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