Automatically run command when user says certain words?

Hi! I mod for a channel where people can join the streamer’s lobbies, and we have a command !join which tells them how to. But would it be possible to set up Nightbot such that - if someone uses the words ‘how’ and ‘join’ in their chat message, for example - that Nightbot will pick up on it and run the !join command? Apologies if this is obvious and I haven’t been looking hard enough!

Hey @JoshM_01!

This is how you’d set up such command:

!addcom how $(eval '$(query)'.includes('join') ? '!JOIN_TEXT' : ' ';)

Unfortunately you can’t have the command call !join as alias as it’d do every time someone starts their message with “how,” but you can copy the explanation from !join in this command, or have the bot respond something like “type !join to learn more.”

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