Automatic daily subscriber count


Is there a way to make an automatic daily subscriber count? In other words, make it so that Nightbot automatically detects when someone subscribes or gift “x” amount of subs and add it to a count - and then ideally have it refresh after every stream. It’d post a massage like we’re at “x” amount of subscribers for today each time someone gifts or subscribes. The use would be to keep track of when/how many times 5 subs (gifted or individual) are hit each stream. Any tips or feedback would be very appreciated!

Hey @SEC_agent!

This isn’t something you can automate natively, here’s one solution I suggested once:

If you want something else you’ll need to write your own API.

Ye, I saw that post as I was looking for an answer. I messed around with it a bit but couldn’t get it to work as I wanted it to. Although I very much appreciate the post as it could help with other projects in the future!

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