Autofill problems

Whenever I use the autofill feature, it works in the chat box; however, once I hit enter, It appears as if I never autofilled in the chat. For example, if I type dansg and autofill it, in the chat box it will become DansGame, but appears as dansg in the chat once I hit enter.

I have reinstalled BetterTTV in an attempt to fix it, but it yielded no result.

I found a temp fix. remove the space that tab complete does at the end and re add it. Type away after

Thank you. Hopefully there’s a permanent fix soon.

We pushed a fix for this out last night. In the future, bugs should be reported on GitHub.

I can see the emotes in the chat when other people use them but whenever I click the icon it shows in the chat window but I hit 'Chat" to send it to chat and nothing happens, it just disapears and doesnt show up in chat