AutoDJ too quiet on stream, but blasting my ears outside of the stream

When i stream i sometimes enable song request, when i do i have some problems…My viewers can barely hear the song cause its at 4% but its perfect for me, when i turn it up to 10% they can still barely hear it, its a little better but…no…So when i get it up around 20-100 they can hear it perfect but i cant hear anything else except an ear piercing song.

You’ll need to adjust the audio settings in the software you use to stream

Adjust what settings in the audio tab though? Im very stupid. I use OBS.

For help configuring OBS you might be better off reading their getting started guide or asking them on their forums/chat.

Tried that just now, no help from anyone. Any other advice?

I don’t have any other advice for you, sadly. We’re really only helpful with stuff we create, not third party apps like OBS.

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