AutoDJ text file location

Trying to change the location of where the text file gets saved to, but in the settings under AutoDJ there isn’t an option to change it. I know default is %user%/documents/Nightbot/ but I don’t want it on my primary drive. Where can I find the option?

I looked in the Desktop app -> Song Requests -> AutoDJ -> Settings -> Nightbot App and it isn’t there.

Sorry but currently there is no option to change the file location for the AutoDJ file.

Are there implementations/patches being worked on currently for Nightbot? It really is a problem for people with SSD harddrives that don’t want to continuously write and rewrite a simple text file over and over. SSDs only have so many rewrites…

Really is a problem

It’s not, the amount of data written to the text file is so small, and the changes are only done on song changes, which change at minute intervals. While streaming, at that. That is not going to have any significant impact on your SSD.

Granted, it’s also not the most important file for reading, so the SSD isn’t beneficial there, but it’s not like it’s killing your SSDs, the text written to the files are so small, anything large that you download completely trumps the writes that it does.

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