autoDJ setting.ini change

How do I remove the “requested by” out of the song request?

They are aware that users may want edit output of the current song text file. However for the initial app release and that feature does not exist yet. They’ll be adding more features to this app over time after the launch.

Ok cool thanks for the quick reply

alternatively you go to settings.ini and remove the last line where it says “requested by” so its just says
SongRequesteeFormat= %s

I did that didn’t work

You can no longer use the old current song application. Please migrate to the new one:

I am using the beta one. Does the new beta use the settings.ini? If so what do I change it to so requested by doesnt appear in the stream?

As is stated on the page that was already linked:

We are aware that users may want to customize the hotkeys and the output of the current song text file. This is an initial app release and these features do not exist yet. We’ll be adding more features to this app over time.

ok thank you. With using spotify I cant hear music being played.

If you wish to stream requested music through your live stream, it must be sent through your live streaming software. OBS or XSplit must be configured to listen to the audio from the AutoDJ player. It is not possible to stream song requests from a device like a PS4 or Xbox One. It’s just not possible and probably never will be.

Thanks for the speedy reply. Support is great. I uninstalled spotify and reinstalled it works flawlessly

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