AutoDJ queue songs not playing

I manage Nightbot for a streamer and the AutoDJ function has been having some issues with songs in the queue. The AutoDJ worked fine until about a month ago and no settings had been changed. When songs are requested, they are added to the queue but do not always play and will instead sit in the queue while the songs in the playlist continue to play. The streamer has to refresh the Nightbot tab in order for the songs in the queue to play again, but it is only a temporary fix. Any help fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated.

getting the same issue +1

Are you sure the requested songs are showing up on the AutoDJ page when they get requested? I tried to reproduce this behavior, but am not able to. So long as the AutoDJ is in a playing state, a newly requested track is placed at the top of the queue and plays next up.

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On my end, i can see the songs in the queue and they just sit at the top of the queue while the playlist keeps playing. For the streamer, they can’t see the songs in the queue at all unless they refresh the tab.

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Getting the same issue +1
Note that it is an intermittent problem and might take a few tries to reproduce, but it is certainly happening a lot for all the streams that I moderate that use auto-dj.

Although I reproduced it within three song requests this morning.

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Ya Cat is one of my mods and we have been experiencing the same issue for at least a month now. Just been reseting it every time, but its frustrating for me and my mods for sure …

I can confirm this is also happening on my AutoDJ queue. Refreshing the page seems to work fine, but makes it difficult to run a smooth queue, or to get people interested in requesting songs. Happens at least once on every single stream longer than an hour now.

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