AutoDJ question

Hi guy’s, appologies in advance im new to streaming, relativley old in person and expect this is what you would call a Noob question.

So ive enabled the nightbot and would like to utilise the AutoDJ in my live stream. I stream from my XBOX. so in order for my viewers to hear the music do I need to run the nightbot from the browser in my xbox then launch the game as normal? then do I need to play it loud enough for my headset mic to pic it up or is it just picked up like regualr game audio. Or do i need to run it seperatley from a laptop or something. Thank you

Kindest regards

Hey @goatfacee3!

I’m not sure how Xbox streaming works, however, if you want the audio output of Nightbot’s AutoDJ to be broadcasted on your stream, you need to have it opened in a browser and capture its audio; so I suppose if you open the AutoDJ page on Xbox’s browser and then open the game, it should pick up the audio from the AutoDJ like it does for the game audio, but I don’t know how the Xbox streaming software decides what to broadcast, and that’s a question we can’t answer on this forum as it’s not our domain.

What I suggest is to double check your stream with your phone/computer, so you know what’s broadcasted.

Thanks Emily, I tried last night and unfortunatley ican launch AutoDJ in the XBOX browser but as soon as I leave and launch the game the audieo ceases, am gutted :frowning:

Ah, damn, that’s a Xbox limitation I suspected, but wasn’t aware of, welp, that means you need to use a computer to broadcast, I’m sorry.

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