Autocompletion is broken for some emotes thanks to twitch

The two upper images from the chat is what happens normally when there’s no addons like BTTV, 7TV or frankerZ enabled. Didn’t have this yesterday. Seems to be twitch’s own autocompletion for their own emotes.


The bottom two images shows what happens when there’s addons enabled, like BTTV for example. When typing the emote correctly it will highlight the text and show these two symbols above it.

But when typing it in lowercase letters and using TAB button to autofill the emote, it will show it as blank space. For example if there is LULW enabled on a channel and i want to autocomplete it from lowercased “lul” it will give a blank space and when continuing pressing TAB it will actually switch the emotes but it will not show them. Sending the message will send the emote as normal though.

I tested this with 7tv, bttv and frankerZ and every single one gave the same result.

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I don’t know if it was a bug or something but now it’s fixed.

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This may have been some kind of issue with Twitch’s new text input system. We did make BetterTTV compatible before they released it to experiments, so if you are still having issues it may be a different incompatible extension.

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