Auto-update link in another command?

I’m attempting to make a command (let’s call it !mystery) which I can stick on a timer - I want the command to link to a poll I create using the !poll command. Is there a way to automatically update the link in the !mystery command when a new poll is created? maybe a URLfetch?

I’m also open to repurposing some other command to create an internal poll within chat which would cut out the need for this, but that probably requires a lot more work.

Hey @lilithoftheclay!

I don’t see a way to automatically update the link inside of a command after you call the !poll command, sorry.

Besides, it seems like the !poll command is broken:

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thanks so much! good to know it’s not just me i suppose! I’ll use twitch’s internal command and see if I can sort anything out that way.

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