Auto-scroll problem

Hello there,

following problem:
When someone posts a “new” emote in Chat, which is taller than the default chat lines, the auto-scroll function gets a little bit messed up and cuts-off half of the message.

Here’s an image of the problem:

I found out that this only happens on emotes that have never been posted before since I joined the chat.
Another thing I found out is that this issue gets fixed when I turn off the “Split Chat” option.

Turned off Split Chat-option: (You can still scroll down a bit, but the text doesn’t get cut-off)

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)
Browser: Google Chrome 44.0.2403.130 m (64-bit)
BTTV-Version: 6.8R41 (I’ve reinstalled the plugin once to test if this could be the issue)
Note: This problem doesn’t occur without BetterTTV

I hope I’ve given you enough details to help me out :smile:

Thanks for any help

  • LolRiTTeR

Because emotes are not preloaded and we do not have the height of them before they get posted, this unfortunately happens. We do not really have a solution at this time, although we might preload them at some point in the future. You might consider posting this issue to our Github instead, since these forums aren’t really for bug reports:

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