Auto-dj/playlist length limit slider

people have asked before and i get it if your annoyed but in all the requests you’ve said the same things “anything longer then 10 mins isn’t a song” “well if people request 15 minute songs 2 songs will be half an hour”
“Nightbot isn’t designed to be great (and will never be great) at curating playlists. The playlist functionality is minimal to provide simplistic use-cases like music when the song request queue is empty as well as limiting the pool of music for viewers to request from”

i get if you don’t want to do it cause it’ll take a lot of time or other problems in doing it or even if you just don’t want to but you’ve never said it can’t be done you’ve only redirected the question and what im hoping to accomplish is a clear and definite no at least hopefully an explanation as why

also if you do make a slider the people who do want to limit it to shorter videos can it’s a win win

Edit: This is because there are very few things that can’t be done, especially in programming. Such a feature is not planned, because it’s not a good feature for the platform and is only wanted by a small number of users

So it is a no until more people want it gotcha.

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