Auto DJ nightbot not playing?

When ever I play nightbot I can hear the music, It blares in my ears, but when I go to the strea, the music is SUPER quiet I have to turn up the volume all the way on everything to hear it. I don’t know what I did wrong… Do I need to do have mic or game volume on?
Please help!

There are 3 different things you can check:

The AutoDJ Nightbot volume level:

Your volume sound mixer:

And your Sound Output on your streaming software.
AutoDJ works by using the system sound and streaming it. On xSplit you can edit this on by changing the bar next to the Mic Audio level bar. I’m not that well informed on OBS but I’m sure there are some volume options.

On a good note the Nightbot volume should be at a neutral 50. And then the volume levels changed on that. If you have other alerts for follows and donations then use the Windows volume mixer to change just the autoDJ. Then use your streaming software to control the overall volume of everything. You can use mobile devices to stream on an external account to test your options. You can also use this Analyzer which will display your audio peaks. It will take some teaking.

Good luck!

It still won’t work, its very quiet

Sorry but that’s all I can offer on the matter. On the fact that you can hear it loud, I believe it has to do with your Streaming Software.

Ok I know now that its not the music that quiet, its not playing at all. The sound came from my headset.

Then you need to properly configure your streaming client to listen to the audio from the AutoDJ player. Otherwise, only you will hear it.

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