Auto Dj download songrequest flagged

Hi, hopefully I am using the right forum. After downloading the x-split with Obs (auto dj section), I tried running the ‘currentsong’ file and norton keeps flagging it. I let norton bypass this once and it ran a small screen of text for a split second then disappeared.
Is this file safe and if so, why did the text screen (black screen that apparently shows song requests refresh and stuff) that popped up suddenly dissappear? Any help is appreciated.


If Norton is flagging the program, then it is probably a false positive and should be ignored. If a black screen pops up quickly then disappears, it is because you did not extract the full zip file.

Thank you so much for your reply. That really helped and now it is working. Do you personally know how to set it where norton will allow this program so that I don’t need to temp remove my firewall everytime / can you refer me somewhere that can help me do this? Other than that, this topic has been answered, so thanks again.

For help doing that you may need to reach out to Norton support or their website. We’re not really equipped to assist you with software we don’t develop, sorry.

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