Artist Credit Section on Upload

Hello NightDevs,

My request is the following
On upload, an “Artist credit” section that links to a twitch user or website would be appreciated.

I am an artist who frequently does animated emote commissions, as well as my own.

Because the only information listed for emotes on upload is the private “justification”, there is no way for someone who wants to publically list credit for an artist/original creator to do so. I am aware maybe this is a feature no one may care about.

Personally as an artist on this platform, I would love it. People can track back to the original source and get in contact with an artist responsible for a creation to possibly commission, or make requests like redrawing an animated emote.

In addition, I have had emotes be redrawn with a new animation, which is something I am only fine with if the person asks for permission from me directly. Because some of the emotes I have made only have uploader user credit, there is no way for these people to track back to the original artist (me in this case) to ask for permission.

I’d be personally happy with this feature, as well as other artists on the internet. Work on the internet in general gets reposted all the time and that is sometimes an unstoppable force, but at least giving a chance for people to credit the work may guide folks in a better direction online.

I really enjoy your platform and want to keep supporting with my monthly subscription!

Have a wonderful day!


This is a neat idea. We’re in the process of rebuilding our API infrastructure (to power some new features we’re looking to bring to the extension), so I’ll see if I can slide in this feature in the future.

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Thank you so much! Looking forward to the next update/rebuilds. :grin:

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